Life is messy!  


We believe, happiness is not a pursuit, but a result of, meaningful work and playGive her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates (Proverbs 31:31). While discovering this, we found humor in one of the definitions of happiness is "fortunate and convenient" so girlfriends, laugh here.  There is very little in life as a woman that is fortunate OR convenient, but I will tell you what, life sure can be a lot more fun.  What's more, while you can't control everything, work and play are two things you do have control over.  

We want to help women develop leadership skills and to understand their own power so they live their dreams, write their songs, and sign big checks! More importantly, we want them to have much more fun doing it.  Sometimes, you have to step back and realize you are being ridiculous, and accept that life can be messy. Life can also be awful, beautiful, wonderful, and terrible, all in the same day.  We wrote A GIRLFRIEND'S GUIDE to WORK and PLAY and are humbled by the opportunities we have each and every day to provide life and business coaching to women, helping them realize conflict does you a favor, it lets you know there is a need not being met

When it comes to purpose, presence, and power, we know, have lived, and believe, the solution lies in the problem. We laugh at ourselves, and if you want us to, we will laugh with you. We want you to know you got this, together we got this, and now lets do this!